Quality Policy

We at Al Kooheji Technical Services W.L.L. strive to provide our clients with the right kind of services, and do not compromise on the quality of the work we do. We have an excellent chain of construction equipment suppliers, and hence fulfill our need for good quality equipment for us to work with.

Our main aim is to complete all our objects on any project we work on, thereby providing the exceptional services to our clients. Our objectives are:

  • To provide reliable and exceptional services to our clients
  • To ensure timely completion of projects
  • To satisfy our clients and adhere to the industry quality and safety standards
  • Employing appropriate professionals to offer the right kind of work on a regular basis.

We have integrated an exclusive business model based on a unique hierarchy, which helps us getting our work done efficiently and in a timely fashion. All our professionals are trained to understand the needs of the clients and deliver accordingly. Our top resource managements systems allow us to allocate the resources efficiently, while adhering to the quality standards set by the industry.

We are committed to updating our working methods based on the results from our frequent assessment periods, which helps us better ourselves in every field.

The timely and quality completion of our projects relies on the efficient interaction among our various departments and we always try to free up the dialogue between the different administrative, which helps us allocate the right kind of resources and man power of total projects at hand.