Industrial Waste Disposal

Kooheji focuses on providing complete, sustainable waste management services to our clients for all non-hazardous kinds of industrial waste streams.  This is done through established waste management treatment and final disposal practices, and in certain cases custom solutions.  Solutions are reliable, cost-effective and environmental friendly.

Effective cleaning methods have been established by Kooheji for plants of all sizes and requirements. There are a variety of processes that can be used such as high-pressure water cleaning of tanks and if needed the passivation of pipelines to protect against corrosion or the system flush process. Our specialists can advise on the best course of action to optimize efficiency and improve reliability, while saving your money in the long-term. Our services include lagoon cleaning, clarifier and aeration tank cleaning and painting as well as final tank cleaning.

The high-pressure water jet cleaning process can be utilized in a number of different ways and is a standard service provided in industrial cleaning. Incrustations on pipelines, and the smallest pieces of ingrained dirt are gently removed to leave a thoroughly clean facility. Where required, manual cleaning is used to work on smaller components in the plants, however the automatic option is the standard method due to its superior benefits. Reducing the need for shutdowns for our clients is of the utmost importance, with this in mind optimum working procedures are utilized. Additionally, wherever metal is exposed to weather, corrosion can occur. We gently remove any rust and applies new coatings to prevent extensive and potentially costly damages in the future. To carry out the work, innovative methods are utilized that respect the environment and are cost effective.

Sewer & Storm Line Services

Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we use sewer cleaning and jetting to remove sand, grit, sludge, stones and other materials from various sizes of pipe, storm drainage or catch basins. Inspection vehicles are equipped with IT and CCTV to record all sewer line cleaning. This equipment also assists with locating a blockage or damage to a pipe before commencing cleaning or maintenance activities. Whether the issue is due to debris or cracks in the pipe, personnel are expertly trained to do the job quickly and safely. The disposal and transportation of waste material such as wet sludge, grease, oil and scum is carried out and taken to a designated area.

Leakage testing is vital to environmental protection, and is a compulsory measure prior to any repair work or before newly laid drains enter service. This is carried out with the support of a leakage testing vehicle and mobile leakage system. MCSIX personnel also carry out manhole inspections, and drain inspections regularly.