Health & Safety Policy

It is our priority to protect the well-being of our establishment and our clients’ property. We will maintain a safe and healthy work environment. We will abide by our clients Health, Safety and Environment Standards. We will comply with all lawful requirements to reduce, if not eliminate, unforeseen hazards that may result in loss, damage or personal injury or illness.

Work safe practices and procedures will clearly be defines and explained to all our employees that everyone is responsible for protecting themselves and others in preventing any accidents in the workplace.

Our workforce shall embrace the concepts of Health, Safety and Loss Control and Environmental Protection as an integral part of our tasks which are vital and inseparable around the workplace.

It is assured that Health & Safety Education, Information, Dissemination will be carried out with a high degree of implementation to reach our clients standard in protection the workforce from being hurt and hurting others.

It is our responsibility to provide satisfaction to our clients, to protect property and the lives of people around the workplace.

Above all, to follow a new standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) BS-ISO 4001:2008 that replaces OHSAS 18001:2007 which strengthen/underpin the creation of a safe and healthy workplace, prevent work related injuries and ill-health in all our workplaces and to continually improve our organization’s health and safety performance.

Finally, Kooheji Technical Services W.L.L. is committed to Health and Safety, Loss Prevention, Quality and Environments Protection in all areas of our operation.