Using an impressive array of up to date and sophisticated electromechanical services, KTS undertakes the installation, commissioning and maintenance of major ‘turnkey’ elements of a variety of projects – in particular Industrial Electrification, Service Stations, Water Treatment Plants.

KTS is one of the leading Electromechanical Contractors in Bahrain with a strong and well-earned reputation for providing technically innovative solutions for key ElectroMechanical elements within some of the most high profile infrastructure projects in The Kingdom.

With its team of highly skilled personnel and longstanding project management experience, the Company is able to work closely with all clients to understand and determine the full scope of their requirements and to provide the service initiatives that are necessary to ensure that each client receives the complete, effective and high quality work that they deserve.


Sewerage Works

  • Sewage Operations
  • Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Minor & Major Pumping Stations
  • Operation, Maintenance & Refurbishment of TSE Pumping Stations & Networks
  • Maintenance and Refurbishment of Treatment plants
  • Construction of Sewerage Pumping Stations
  • Rehabilitation of sewer networks
  • General sewerage cleaning/desilting work
  • Rehabilitation of sewer lines by CIPP & Pipe Bursting Methods
  • Operation & Maintenance of Minor/Major Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Operation & Maintenance of Pumping Stations (Major/Minor) & Sewerage Networks
  • High Power Hydro Jetting services
  • PPM of pumping stations/STP’s/TSE networks
  • Industrial Public Utility Cleaning/Dewatering/Trenching
  • CCTV Inspection of underground pipes, sumps and water storage tanks
  • Flow Management of water network

CCTV Gallery

Jetting Tankers Gallery

Electrical Works:

  • High Voltage and Low Voltage Cabling
  • Electrical Installation of Buildings
  • Supply & Installation of Substations, Transformers, Feeder Pillars, etc.
  • Extra Low Current Systems.
  • Instrumentation Projects Including repair & Installation of Pumps, Motors, Valves, Control Panels, Flow Transmitters, Pressure Gauges, etc.
  • HVAC Projects
  • Plumbing Works (Supply & Installation)
  • Jointing and Building wiring including Cable Tray
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Close Circuit Television Unit (CCTV)
  • Lightning Arrestor System

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Mechanical Works (Fabrication)

  • Machine Shop- Fabrication Works, Sheet Metal Works & Welding Works.
  • Pumps- Supply & Installation of Centrifugal & Submersible Pumps, Overhauling of all types of Pumps