CCTV Services

CCTV inspections are an extremely significant part of the sewer industry. Unknown sewer/drain problems can cause serious back-ups. A video inspection can determine the exact problem area and save you money on repairs. Inspections are designed to video, floor drains, area drains, catch basin leads, kitchen waste stacks, main lines, etc.

Closed circuit television inspection (CCTV) is one of the most effective methods to determine defects, the likelihood of failure and rehabilitation needs. CCTV is the industry’s tried and true method of determining the exact location and severity of all features and defects associated with your pipe system.

Remotely controlled cameras capture high-quality video and pictures of internal pipe conditions. A technician inspects the pipelines for:

Structural defects

  • Cracks
  • Fractures
  • Broken Pipe
  • Collapsed Pipe
  • Offset joints

Operational & Maintenance Issues

  • Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)
  • Roots
  • Infiltration & Inflow
  • Sediment Accumulation

Construction Features & Defects

  • Intruding Service Lines
  • Active Service Laterals
  • Defective Point Repairs
  • Cross Bores

In addition to mainline inspections, KTS is also well equipped to perform assessments on service laterals. KTS can thoroughly inspect and clean laterals both from the mainline and the cleanout. These services coupled with GPS data collection, make KTS the top choice for mapping your entire system.

We stand proudly by the motto “any pipe, anywhere” and never deter from an inspection just because of location. Whether your sewer pipe is located in a neighborhood, congested intersection or buried deep in the woods, KTS will identify it and perform the services required at the highest professional level.