I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people who have made this company a successful venture. First up is our clients, who have played a very important role in sustaining our company by trusting us with their projects in employing our services. Next is our workforce, which currently stands at just over 200 dedicated men, who are hard working and are committed to provide quality services consistently.

With two decades of Sewerage & Drainage contracting , Operation & maintenance of STPs, Sewerage pumping stations and Building constructions experience in the Kingdom of Bahrain, We at Al Kooheji technical services and Building Contracting are quite adept at gauging the client requirements, and respond accordingly. We still work with the same vigour as we did back when we started in 1994 and we have held on to our core beliefs that has helped propel us so far. A lot has changed since then in the construction industry and we have been among the first to adapt accordingly from new construction methods and training our employees to work with the latest equipments. One of the prime reasons for our consistent growth in the industry is our inclination to change with the times. This policy of ours has helped us to stay ahead of the game and has also helped us better understand the changing requirements of the Sewerage works.

We have a good rapport among the different departments in our company, which eliminates misunderstandings by a large factor, and helps deliver quality services consistently. Our diligence and efficient work methods has helped us land some of the most prestigious projects with The Ministry of Works and Housing and many more are in the pipeline as I write this. We are well on our way to improve our status with the Ministry, which will only help us get more lucrative projects, and will provide us a prime chance of growth and betterment of our company.

On a personal note, watching the company grow, and provide for our clients has given me immense happiness throughout the years, and I sincerely hope to continue to provide excellent services to our clients in the future as well.

Thanking you,
For Al Kooheji Technical Services

Khalid Abdulla Ahmed Al Kooheji